Welcome to Newport Museum’s Official Website!

I extend a warm welcome to you as you explore the official Newport Museum website. Our museum stands as a testament to the grandeur of the world’s oldest Minecraft server, MinecraftOnline. Since its inception in 2020, Newport Museum has dedicated itself to preserving & displaying an extensive and diverse array of exhibits, showcasing everything from rare artifacts to peculiar oddities, coveted event items to intricate map art & banners, and so much more.

With a vast and ever-growing collection boasting over a thousand distinct multimedia displays, a visit to the Newport Museum serves as an essential pilgrimage for anyone who harbors an interest in the rich tapestry of history that is MinecraftOnline.com. Our museum serves not only as a tribute to the server itself, but also to the history of Minecraft as a whole.

Feel free to contact me or my staff team anytime over any historical inquiries 🙂

-NightSteak9, Lead Curator