NBT Exporter Mod Adds New Ways To Archive

NBT Exporter Export any items as NBT files!

The Freedonian Historical Society is excited to announce the release of ‘NBT Exporter’, a new mod designed by ScenarioPlanet, a dedicated member of our staff team.

What is NBT Exporter?

NBT Exporter is a client-side mod that allows players to export the NBT (Named Binary Tag) data of items from their inventory. This mod is particularly useful for archiving the data of artifacts that may not survive the server update, as well as investigating glitched/duped items.

How Does It Work?

The NBT Exporter mod is easy & straightforward to use. Note- It only exports NBT data, not item IDs, stack counts, or damage values. To use the mod, follow these steps:

  1. Hold the item you want to export NBT for.
  2. Use the /exportnbt command.

For example, you can use it like this:

/exportnbt MyUniqueItem

Or like this:

/exportnbt "My Unique Item, but with spaces"

Providing a file name is optional. If not specified, the file will use the current date and time as the name.

After typing that command, check your .minecraft\nbtexporter folder. Now it’s under review on Modrinth and can be downloaded from GitHub or Curseforge only.

If you have any questions relating to this program, please reach out to ScenarioPlanet.