Discord Announcement: 2024-05-04T23:31:39.756000+00:00

Just a reminder that we are still buying any books y’all have for our public-access book archives, open to everybody 🙂 I’d much prefer to collect them in their best conditions, but i’ll take a copy of a copy if that’s all that remains. Please reach out if you think you have anything, i’d love to speak further!

Ps- just got done with exams, if I made a promise to any of y’all I haven’t followed through yet, pls remind me and i’ll tackle it 😭

Discord Announcement: 2024-04-11T05:07:49.997000+00:00

Regarding the belief that the admin team intentionally attempted to hide this information, we want to clarify that the initial demotion of the staff member in question was made under the belief that the harassment was directed toward a singular individual of legal age. However, new evidence has come to light indicating that the harassment was more widespread and included users under the age of consent. Had we been aware of the full extent of the situation at the time, more severe action would have been taken immediately.

We apologise for any shortcomings in our handling of this matter and are committed to taking steps to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. The safety and well-being of our community, especially our younger members, is of utmost importance to us.” (Posted by AlphaAlex)

Discord Announcement: 2024-04-11T05:07:33.180000+00:00

Since channel announcement messages never work here for some reason, here’s the staff ‘press release’. “Hi all,

As a number of users are now well aware, evidence has recently come to light of multiple instances of sexual harassment by a former member of our staff team (“luigifan100”). We understand that there is also concern that the admin team may have intentionally attempted to hide this information from the community. We would like to address both of these issues.

First off, while the admins are capable of many things, there are limits to what can be observed beyond the Minecraft platform, particularly on external services such as Discord. As such, we implore our community not only to report any such activity to admins@minecraftonline.com immediately but also to report the offending party and messages directly to Discord via the methods outlined at this link.

In addition to reporting to Discord’s Trust & Safety Team, players in the EU can make reports to their local authorities through official channels, which are available on Europol’s Report a Crime page.